Monday, August 3, 2009

Summer in VA

It is now definitely summer in Northern VA - but it is probably worse down in Florida where Starshine waits. No hurricanes yet, in fact El Nino is heating up and it may be a very slow year for storms - that's good!

I am still working and saving for the fall, and trying to decide exactly what the next adventure will be. I am in the process of collecting all the big ticket items I wish I had last year. I am researching computers, SSB radios, EPIRBS and life rafts. At lest I already have my wind generator so I will have enough power to run all the new gadgets!

I am still looking for crew! Anyone who wants to spend a week or a month or more sailing down through the Caribbean please let me know! Once I have plans firmed up a little more, I plan to put a calendar on this website with a rough float plan and people can sign up for a leg or two. I plan to leave from Florida in November (after I get all my new stuff hooked up and working) and sail down through the Carib to Panama. After that, who knows? Stay tuned and keep cool!