Friday, July 2, 2010

Final Leg Completed

Starshine is now in her new home in Long Beach, California. We had a cold, uneventful motor-sail up from Ensenada, Mexico last weekend. There was almost no wind for the entire 160 miles and we stopped in San Diego to check in and get fuel. It was quite a difference sailing into one of the world's busiest ports (LA) after many miles off the beaten track in the Caribbean. There are even huge oil wells in the LA harbor (though none leaking oil thankfully).

Now that we have made it to the Pacific Ocean we are thinking about a future sail to the South Pacific. But first, it's back to the real world: buying a house, raising two high school kids and of course, working. The list of projects on Starshine seems endless but then so does the time between now and when we can go cruising again.

Wow, what an amazing trip it has been. Over 3000 miles, two oceans, 8 countries, 6 months, one marriage, countless new friends and enough memories for a lifetime. I will continue to post about our upgrades and repairs to Starshine but there probably won't be any long passages for a while. To those of you still out there sailing, carry on, we'll catch up with you in a few years on the other side of the world.