Friday, January 29, 2010


Greetings from the end (almost) of the Bahama chain of islands. The last two weeks have been amazing as we have explored the islands in the Exumas with so many memories. One of my favorite is trying to feed the boars (pigs) at Big Majors/Staniel Cay. We had arrived in the afternoon for anchor and then dinghyed over about 5:00 in the evening with our carrots to feed them. The stories I heard were that the pigs roamed the beach and would run up to greet you as you arrived. Alas, we arrived and there was nary a pig around. So here we are walking up and down the beach with our carrots and calling for pigs that never showed up. We settled for a picture of me holding a carrot so that I could later photo shop a pig in. We gave up and told ourselves that the pigs must be so full from feeding all day that they had passed out in their dens.
We decided on a different tactical strategy and went early the next morning figuring that they would be nice and hungry and happy for our carrots. Since we were then going to the beach and snorkeling at Thunderball Cave afterward, we had also packed a picnic lunch. On the dinghy ride over, Dave was commenting that the story was that the pigs would actually swim out to the dinghy which he did not believe. Sure enough after that comment, three large pigs come swimming out to greet us. However, they were not interested in my carrots, but were attacking our lunch, especially my potato chips (which I can't say that I blame them). So here we are trying to anchor the dingy, keep pigs out of the dinghy, while I am trying to get pictures of them. Thankfully, I had some success with the pictures which can be viewed on the photos portion of the web site.
Speaking of Thunderball Cave, I must say it was an amazing snorkeling experience. Since we went at high tide, we had to swim under the rocks or ledge into the cave, which was somewhat intimidating for me since I was not quite sure how long I would need to hold my breath. Dave kept assuring me that it was a real quick dive and thankfully it was and well worth it. Coming up inside the cave with just the two of us was amazing and the fish and coral were awesome. We had brought bread crumbs to feed the fish, and one mistakenly bit Dave! It was so much fun!
So many experiences come to mind but one more. We took a six hour hike one day on Waderick Wells in the Exuma Land and Sea Park that wove in and out of small beach fronts. We were so hot but ended up taking a refreshing swim in the beautful waters of Rendezvous Beach. We then ended our hike at Boo Boo hill where we left our evidence of driftwood as so many other boats before us have done. Again lots of pictures on the site.
Currently we are at Georgetown which Dave warned me as a place of adult day care. I am loving it though as we play volleyball every afternoon, eat at pot lucks in the evening, and Dave even got to go to poker night last evening (alas neither he nor I won). We will be leaving Georgetown on Monday as we join the others here in a sailing race to Long Island which will be a three day event of sailing and parties and award banquets. We will not be returning with the others though but will continue our journey along to the Turks and Caicos as our next big stop in the next few weeks. This too is the end of the line for Dave's comfort zone as he has been to the Exumas and Bahamas before as far as Georgetown. From here on, it will be a brand new experience and adventure for both of us! Needless to say, I am having the time of my life!

Friday, January 15, 2010


The weather is finally warm, we are anchored in Nassau and I finally feel like we have escaped! Have been so busy working on Starshine for the last 6 weeks but now I am enjoying Island Time. We had a great overnight sail from Bimini to Nassau, 120 miles in about 24 hours. We went across the Great Bahama Bank, through the Northwest Channel and across the Tongue of the Ocean into Nassau. We plan to head south to the Exumas in a few days, once the next front passes. In the mean time we have been exploring Nassau, sampling the local delicacies (conch and Kalik) and relaxing - along with attacking items on the "Nagging List". Starshine and Gail are both doing great and we are having an awesome time.

Here is a photo of our friends Chris and Louise on "No Keys" as we approach Nassau in the early morning.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


We made it to the Bahamas! Finally had a window on Friday and left early in the morning at 3:00 AM and arrived at noon. The sail over was beautiful and I was able to capture the sunrise. The boat on the horizon is "No Keys" that our friends Chris and Louise own and we followed over from Miami.
The other picture is Dave and I that evening having fresh lobster dinner on their boat. It was such a wonderful, warm day.

I am so glad that I enjoyed it as the next day (Saturday) was stormy, rainy, windy, and cold. Dave worked on the boat's bilge pumps all day while I read. It is so amazing that there is always something that needs to be done on the boat. I understand that the acronym "BOAT" means "Bring on Another Thousand" which I am beginning to believe. Today at least is sunny but still very windy. It looks as though our next window for sailing will be on Tuesday through Friday, with plans to head on down to Nassau Tuesday. It is finally supposed to warm up as well with 70s by Thursday! Hooray!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Miami Beach

Arrived at South Miami Beach yesterday - land of the beautiful people. Too bad that we can't see them because everyone is bundled up against the cold. It is 40s at night and 60s during the day - not really that cold - but on a boat seems much colder, especially to those of us from California. Oh well, it can only get warmer as we head south. The current plan assuming the weather holds is to leave for Bimini in the Bahamas on Thursday.

Today and tomorrow, Dave is trying to finish up the SSB radio and hook up the water maker as it was a real eye opener yesterday how much water we (read that as I according to Dave) used in the last few days, about 5 gallons a day. Doesn't seem like that much to me but of course there is only a limited supply of water on a boat. Boat living really makes you appreciate the little things in life, especially long, hot showers.

I'm loving every minute of it though, and the amazing sunsets every night actually make the lack of showers worthwhile! So poor Dave is working, while a friend (Louise) and I hang out in internet cafes and shop at the mall (thank goodness for the boat dinghy)! Life is rough...